There’s no doubt that 2023 was a seminal year for EdReports. We launched a five-year strategic planning process aimed at determining the next chapter of our work. We engaged our full staff to shape our organizational culture, the ways in which we aspire to grow, and to prepare for the future impact we hope to have in service of educators and students.  

Fulfilling our mission and vision begins with being a phenomenal place to work where all staff thrive and we consistently live our commitments to diversity, belonging, inclusion and equity. As we have moved from strategic planning to implementation, we have prioritized investing in talent development to continue expanding our tremendous team, along with putting in place the sustainable financial systems that contribute to healthy organizational growth over the long term.

At the heart of EdReports remains our commitment to providing free, evidence-rich reviews of instructional materials that reflect a definition of quality that positions all students to learn and grow. It is critical that we are continuously listening, learning, and evolving to educators and the diverse student needs they serve. We were excited to launch our first reviews of high school science programs in 2023 and have already started to explore new content areas such as social studies, pre-K, and supplemental programs for future avenues of review. 

We also continued to deepen our focus on early literacy, supports for multilingual learners, and access to culturally responsive education. It is now possible to view a Science of Reading Snapshot for every K–5 English language arts (ELA) report on our website. The update also offers increased clarity around the different formats of ELA materials that EdReports reviews. Further, we have accelerated our learning around the latest AI technology, specifically examining how large language models might impact our review process as well as the curriculum ecosystem as a whole. 

Our partnerships with states and districts over the past decade have demonstrated time and again that while the quality of instructional materials are essential, how those materials are chosen and implemented matters.  That’s why a key component of our strategic plan includes the growth of our already robust technical assistance services. Our team of veteran educators and content experts work directly with local communities to raise awareness of the importance of high-quality instructional materials and provide resources and training to support comprehensive selection and implementation processes including ongoing curriculum-focused professional learning. From California to Rhode Island to Ohio and New Mexico, we’ve supported dozens of states and districts and look forward to expanding our suite of services to engage more school systems across the country. 

We could not be more excited and energized about the next five years and beyond. Nearly a quarter of school districts nationwide have been confirmed using EdReports. That’s over 18 million students with access to high-quality instructional materials that support them to grow and thrive. We’re proud of the efforts that our staff along with the 1,000+ educator reviewers have made to impact the next generation of students, but we know there is still so much work to do. 

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support. Together, we can continue to make real strides toward a world where each and every student experiences the kind of education that can transform their lives.