In spring 2020, EdReports released revised versions of its review tools, v1.5. The original versions (v1.0) had been in use since our organizational launch in 2015 and, as a learning organization, we knew it was time to reexamine the market and revise our indicators to provide more fine-grained information to help districts make choices about instructional materials.

The document linked below gives a “crosswalk” between v1.0 and v1.5 of our ELA review tools. New indicators in K–8 ELA help districts identify program “bloat”—when a program is challenging to implement and teach because there is more content than can be feasibly taught in a single school year. For K–5, we have also made some revisions to our treatment of foundational skills: to better align our comprehensive criteria to our new supplemental tool, providing readers with more information on critical components such as phonics and phonemic awareness. The total points available in each gateway have not changed. Click here for a complete list of FAQs. 

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