Getting high-quality materials into classrooms is just the first step toward improving student learning. This is why considering how you will launch and implement new materials has been a part of your adoption process since you began your process (Step 1 of Key Adoption Steps: Develop Your District Lens). Now that you have made a decision about which materials will support your students and teachers best, it is time to establish a plan for how they will be launched and implemented in your system. Planning ahead, empowering educators, engaging stakeholders, and connecting strong professional learning throughout the launch process can be the difference between materials sitting on a shelf or becoming a high-leverage resource your educators have to improve student learning.

What is this resource?

This graphic organizer is a starting place for your launch and implementation planning. It includes guiding questions and places to fill in your goals, milestones, and metrics. 

How should this resource be used?

The committee will need to establish goals and activities for each stage of the implementation process of new materials. This includes setting milestones and outcomes so that you can measure the success of your activities and monitor the progress of your work. The team you have formed for the selection committee may serve as the same team that supports the launch and implementation of the new materials, or you might want to add other stakeholders to form a new committee. It is important that you think about the long-term and short-term goals of your implementation and how you will prepare teachers and site leaders for success.

*For a more in-depth set of tools for planning your launch and implementation of new materials, see Instruction Partners’ Curriculum Support Guide.