This is the third in our four-part Coffee Chat webinar series on the state of the instructional materials market.

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Webinar overview

Two out of three English language arts and mathematics teachers modify less than half of a typical lesson, regardless of the standards alignment of their materials. This reinforces the need to provide all teachers with high-quality core materials, and challenges a perception that teachers are regularly adapting materials to improve quality. In this Coffee Chat, guest speakers will share how they have fostered trust and support for teachers in the classroom and dive into key findings about what teachers are saying they need in order to support all students to learn and grow.

Heather Gauck is a special education teacher leader and EdReports Klawe Fellow. She taught for Grand Rapids Public Schools for over two decades, is a National Board Certified Exceptional Needs Specialist, and organized and led the team that created Innovation Classroom. She was selected as a PBS Digital All-Star and TeachPlus Fellow.

Jesse Melgares is the Vice President of Teaching & Learning at Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, a charter network of 26 middle and high schools serving Los Angeles. He has worked in a variety of capacities including teacher, school administrator, and director of math.

Sam Shaw is the Director of Science at EdReports. He came to EdReports from the South Dakota Department of Education, previously served as a middle school science teacher, and held positions with the Council of State Science Supervisors.

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